Terms & Conditions


Initial Consultation fee is $200

Any additional consultations are $50

The cost of these consultations will be deducted in full upon the payment of your final invoice.

Your Booking

50% Deposit Required upon Quote approval

Booking will be confirmed only upon receipt of paid deposit

Remaining 50% Balance is required no later than 21 business days prior to your event

For any events booked in within 3 weeks of the event date, FULL Payment is required upon confirmation of your booking.

All payments and deposits are non-refundable


Should you need to cancel the date of your booking due to any circumstances, you will need to notify us in writing as soon as possible

In the event of any cancellation, your 50% deposit will not be refunded.

In the event of a cancellation made within or less than One Month prior to the event, the full amount payable will be required.

However, in the event of any cancellations, the remaining amount of the Styling and Planning Fees will be payable once the first cost proposal has been submitted.

We are happy to transfer your booking to another date, subject to availability, with a minimum of 2 months prior notice of new event date.

GD Events holds the right to immediately terminate your contract on any circumstances which relate to Misconduct. In the event of misconduct, notice of termination will not be required and the full remaining outstanding balance will remain owning for immediate payment.

GD Events will not tolerate any level of aggression, disrespect and/or any other types of misconduct by any of its stakeholders. If in the case where this occurs, we also hold the right to undertake further action where relevant.


All orders and final details must be confirmed no later than 3 weeks prior to your event date.

We will not take any responsibility for any errors or omissions noticed once final payment and confirmation has been made. This may incur additional charges


Your personal details will be treated in accordance with the National Privacy Act 1988 and principles therein.

GD Events holds the right to not disclose any information – financial and/or any other sensitive details which relates to our operational measures, business dealings and intellectual property. This remains the sole ownership of GD Events.

Conditions of any Hired Items

In the event where any items are hired from GD Events, and/or any affiliate business or sub-contractors, all duty and care is required by the client.

In some circumstances and up to the discretion of management, a bond will be required.

In the event where any damage and/or breakages occur to any of these hired items, replacement and/or repair charges will be applicable.

Social Media and Photography

GD Events holds the right to contract an external and third-party photographer to capture the style and creativity services provided by GD Events. This right will be used on the discretion of senior management.

These images will be used for promotional purposes and with the intention to attract more business and sales. Therefore, these images will be used on all social media platforms and websites owned by GD Events and our affiliate organisations.

In the case whereby the client requests that no images are posted/used for promotional purposes, GD Events will be in right to charge an additional surcharge due to the loss of income incurred. This figure will be up to the discretion of senior management. In this case, we will need to be notified upon the client’s acceptance of our offer/quote.

I __________________________________________________ hereby authorise GD Events and all affiliate organisations, brands and companies to use any images of our event taken which portray the style and works provided by GD Events and their sub-contractors.

Signed: ________________________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________

Acceptance of Contract and Conditions

I __________________________________________________________________________________ acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agree to the above-mentioned terms and conditions

Signed: _________________________________________________________________

Dated: ________________________________

GD Events
Mobile: 0426 833 606