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Create an Intimate Mother’s Day Celebration for your Queen

Mother’s Day is here and the special woman in your life, whether Mum, Step Mum, or Grandma deserves a day to show your appreciation for her. Take it a notch higher this holiday by creating an intimate Mother’s Day celebration for her, that will strengthen your connection.

While booking a makeover for her is great, we recommend giving her a stay-at-home vacay this year. Let’s keep all things indoors and depending upon what your Mum enjoys, tailor these fun activities in your own way to ensure she feels loved and celebrated this Mother’s day:

1. Talk to her More Often

While an intimate celebration will help cement your relationship on the Day, we advise that you start talking to her more often, even as soon as now! Call her, ask about her day, and care about her daily highlights. This will nurture the bond.

2. A Breakfast Board

Preparing and serving your Mum breakfast has to be one of the most intimate ways to start her day. And a breakfast board for your Mother’s Day feast is a perfect way to go about it!

Equip your cutting board with a blend of decadent donuts, or heart-shaped pancakes. Don’t forget fresh pink roses, festive tableware and her favorite cup of coffee or herbal tea! This sweet display will surely show her you care and takes no time at all!

3. An At-Home Spa Day

Let your Mum relax and revitalize with an at-home spa day!

And you don’t need any expert help to stage the session.

Simply clear out bathroom clutter, find relaxing music and light a luxurious scented candle. Mademoiselle is our favorite scented candle that will make her feel special and feminine thanks to its top notes of Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla and Amber. Lime and Coconut is also a perfect choice for a spa-day at home.

Place a cozy bathrobe, soft towels and some clean washcloths on a bath stool. Add a beautiful jug of cold water spiked with lemon slices and cucumber to sip to a bath caddy. 

Let her apply face and hair masks before enjoying a dreamy soak with bath salts. She can shampoo and condition her hair afterward then wash off. Apply a body moisturizer and she will be off to a good start!

You can also bring a masseuse at home to pamper her with an at-home massage!

4. Allow Your Mother to Take a Day Off

On Mother’s Day, relieve your mother of all household duties. Encourage her to relax, read her favorite book or go out with her friends to do her favorite activity that she couldn’t do because of her busy schedule.

5. Spend Time Together

It is your mother’s special day. So treat her like a queen and spend the day together, enjoying what she has always wanted to do. Enjoy a picnic in the backyard as you have lunch, have a walk, cook dinner together, look through old family photos, make stories recounting old experiences or play fun games. Enjoy!

6. Dine Al Fresco

Highlight this beautiful day by dining outdoors, and get to enjoy the beautiful nature around you, breathe fresh air, and gaze at the stars. Keep the recipes simple and let natural tastes shine through. Have soft background music playing and have fun!

Would you like some help? Our team at GD Events can help give your Mum a special Mother’s Day experience!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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