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The 2021 Bride: What is your style? Current Trends and Fashion Tips for 2021

You might have 2021 in your mind as your ideal wedding date. Well, every bride wants her special day to be magnificent. And let’s be honest: apart from the cake and overall décor, the dress code is no doubt a major highlight for any wedding ceremony!

The bride’s dress should be a showstopper! So, what’s your style? From this list of the current wedding fashion trends in 2021, pick what will elevate your look on your big day:

1. Clean yet Super Grand!

At a time when wedding designers have been forced to stay home due to the current pandemic, they are taking simplicity to the next level with dress features, clean and sleek lines yet very grand and architectural!

Bridal dresses this year feature impeccable tailoring and perfect cuts with large bows, and beautiful frills!

2. Body-Skimming Silhouettes

This sleek trend is simply demure and luxe for the modern bride; whether you do it for the main ceremony, reception, after-party, or other wedding-related events in-between, be ready to look elegant and classic on your special day!

3. Slip Dresses

For the minimalist bride who appreciates plain and sleek designs, a bridal slip dress is a timeless choice. Beyond elegant, a body-skimming silk or satin wedding dress is the epitome of sophistication.

4. Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

A two-piece wedding dress gives you the flexibility to change up your outfit throughout your big day. Whether it’s a cropped top, full skirt or a cinched in corset, you can easily create your own bridal style.

5. The Backless Gown

A sexy backless wedding dress should be your go-to style on your wedding day if you want to make a statement by appearing so glamorous and dramatic!

And it’s all about the details for such looks – think intricately detailed lace backs, delicate hand beading, and sweet buttons over an illusion back.

6. Bold Shoulders and Puff Sleeves

The ’80s are making a comeback, thus, bold shoulders and puff sleeves are full-on fashion even in the bridal world. These striking elements give the body a postural presence and brides in 2021 are coming in so confidently! Tone down the aura by wearing minimalist jewelry, to also allow the dress to make a statement.

7. Short Dresses

There is an abundance of wedding dresses with shorter hemlines for the bride who doesn’t want to wear a ball gown. Conservative brides can pick allover lace dresses, while daring brides can wear feather details, backless designs, ruffles and sparkles.

8. Pant Gowns

Can brides wear pants? Yes!

Whether you prefer clean, sleek, embellished or bohemian wedding looks, a bridal pantsuit is an option to consider for something totally different and chic! Pantsuits are one of the year’s hottest trends; so many designers have included them in their collections. Also, you can wear one for formal events down the road.

No matter your bridal style, there is a trendy wedding dress for you. With a suitable dress, the next step is choosing the finishing touches. The right accessories will elevate your look. To pick and match your accessories right, consider these tips:

  • Less is Always More! While accessories add a unique touch to your look, wearing too many can be downright distracting. If your gown has standout features, consider toning down your accessories- small studs will do. But if the gown is simple, try more intriguing accessories to add interest.
  • Match your metals with your dress for a cohesive look. For instance, the embellishments on your dress or the tint on the dress’ fabric will determine the color of your accessories.
  • Match the exact shape of your veil to the dress for a seamless look.
  • Get the comfiest pair of shoes since you’ll be standing for a long time. You don’t want cramped feet by the end of the day!

Are you a 2021 bride? Let our team at GD Events help with your wedding planning. We will create a bespoke event for you!

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