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Planning your Newborn Child’s Celebration

Welcoming your newborn child is one of the most wonderful experiences that every parent can go through. Children are a blessing and when a couple receives a beautiful child it can often be seen as a blessing from God; and is in no doubt the perfect opportunity to celebrate! In fact, the celebrations should start during pregnancy, and continue after the baby is born.

We are GD Events, luxury event planners based in Sydney, Australia, and we’ve been honored to provide event planning services, photoshoots, catering services and more to our expecting clients. Thus, expert tips on how you can plan your newborn child’s celebrations.

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1. Show Love to an Expectant Mum

It is just right to help an expectant Mum celebrate her baby even before his or her arrival. Help them with chores, pamper them, and shower them with love. A happy and stress-free Mum is a happy baby!

2. Host a Baby Shower!

Perhaps one of the most popular ways to celebrate your baby and the Mum is by hosting a baby shower – maybe for your sister, your friend, your cousin or just that special expecting Mum in your life. Baby Showers are usually organized for the Mum-to-be by a close friend or family member, a baby shower is a fun way to celebrate in advance, the baby’s arrival.

It’s also a Mument of gifting the Mum and the baby, as well as sharing well-wishes for the birth.

3. Hold A Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is indeed a great way to welcome the baby into your family, and can take any format you choose, alongside close family and friends.

It is also an opportunity to announce the formal name of your child and can be a formal naming, a simple welcome or even a blessing for your baby and family. Parents also take this time to make promises, pledges, and commitments to their newborn child.

4. Hold a Baptism for your Child.

Baptism, christening, and dedication ceremonies serve to introduce the child to the church and most importantly, to commit them to God.

Since baptism is a sign and seal of your child entering the community of Christ, the community bought with Jesus’ blood and given life by his Holy Spirit, your child attains a new status in Christ. He or she becomes a child of the covenant and has a place in God’s family.

Usually, this solemn occasion is held in the church, thus, following the church’s customs. As a parent, it is important to understand what is expected of you.

Coordinate with the church to schedule the ceremony, contact the God parents as well who are very essential and feel free to incorporate your family traditions during the ceremony.

Remember, friends and family members can always attend this joyous celebration.

5. Plan your Child’s Special 100-Day Birthday

In most cultures, a baby’s first 100-Days is an important time for both the mother and the baby. Usually, it’s a time of full recovery for the Mum and building of the baby’s immunity. During this bonding time between the Mother and Child, they are kept away from the public eye.

Thus, celebrating a 100-Days birthday shows that the baby is old enough and strong enough to meet his or her extended family and friends.

As it’s your child’s first birthday, this celebration is really special. And since most babies aren’t aware of what is going on, it is important to keep the celebration intimate. Skip the long guest list for that matter!

Remember to plan your baby’s birthday party at their best time, when they are not feeling sleepy and fussy.

Also, keep the environment baby-friendly and safe, by bringing a playpen to the scene. Since it’s such a fun and whimsical event, keep the colors playful, and use bright decorations, including balloons and toys.

You cannot forget the menu! Keep it kid-friendly especially if your friends will come along with their kids as well. Also, include adult snacks so they can enjoy as well and highlight the menu with a colorful cake.


No matter the kind of celebration you’re planning for a newborn, remember to document the experience through photos and videos. This will help preserve the memories. Thus, organize for a styled shoot from a professional photographer to highlight the day! At GD Events, we can help organize all these kinds of celebrations for your little one. Hire us and we will create a luxurious event for your newborn!

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