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Public Relations Events that will get you the Right Corporate Exposure

Looking to get the right corporate exposure? Consider a public relations event, also known as a PR event. Usually, an opportunity to showcase your brand, company, products or services to the public, and if you’re lucky enough to have the press there, that’s even more exposure. Thus, more reason to be engaging, professional, and very presentable.

While you might attend a PR event, as a business owner, a great marketing tactic for your business to host your own PR event. This also heightens your brand exposure and awareness – especially if the event is successful.

At GD Events, we are luxury event planners based in Sydney Australia and experienced in planning and styling luxury corporate events. Here, we share our expert tips on what you need to keep in mind when organizing the PR event that will get you the right corporate exposure and align with your business and marketing strategies.
Whether you’re a pro event planner or just getting started, these tips will get you started:

1. Set your objectives.
Being specific with your goals will help you determine the purpose of the event, thus, its format to ensure a success. For instance, is the purpose of the event is to increase brand exposure, to nurture collaborations, to bring sales or to raise funds for your brand?

When setting your event goal, also set KPIs, perhaps a check list, to ensure you organize an event that will meet your goals. This will also ensure you target the right market for your brand.

2. Carefully Plan your Event
A thorough plan is to the detail and will ensure a successful PR event. Sit down with your team and consider all aspects of logistics. Create a workable schedule of task delivery, including deadlines and ensure everyone in your team understands their roles.

Also, consider:
•The name of the event,
•The date and time (ideally, a time that is most convenient to your audience. This will ensure a higher attendance),
•Your target audience,
•Any costs for attending the event and more.

3. Allocate A Budget
With a schedule, you can budget for each task accordingly, giving priority where necessary. Also, factor in unforeseeable events like wet weather, especially for an outdoor event.
We, at GD Events, recommend also setting aside a promotional budget for the event as well, possibly to be used through social media Ads and influencer marketing.

4. Choose the right venue.
Depending on the objectives of the event, select a suitable venue, where your target market is highly likely to appreciate. Book the venue and get down on the details of styling your venue to suit the type of event. For sure, a luxury event calls for a grand venue.

5. Promote Your Event
For a successful event, target the right people for your brand. Apart from broadcasting on all your online and social media channels, also, invite influencers from within your niche to the event, some members of the press and even journalists.

Social media, particularly, Instagram is a great way to find amazing influencers who would be happy to share stories about your brand and event within their niche and social media platforms. Choose your influencers with a high social media following so as to increase your reach. If it fits within your budget, you can even pay them, ensuring the agreement is mutual and that they will help spread the word to their followers.

6. Be Time Conscious
Kick off your PR event on time; remember, always pick a date when there is no other major event happening to ensure your audience is fully present.

It is wise to confirm with all attendees a few days prior the main event and ensure that they have the important travel and parking information on how to get to the location. You may also want to confirm any special requirements, check with all important guests, and ensure everything required is set up for a smooth flow.

7. Streamline the Security and Service
Every guest appreciates smooth service! For a successful event, ensure the security is well maintained. This is especially important if alcohol is being served at the event. You don’t want any friendly arguments taking place – this is certainly not good PR!
Also, make sure that everything flow smoothly; from the entry, entertainment and food service to the networking and more. The reviews for your PR event will shoot right through the roof!

8. Catering
Food is always an ice breaker and is often a conversation starter. Not only that, but it generally makes people happy! Since the purpose of your PR event is to increase brand exposure, you want to make sure that your guests are happy and have only the most positive things to say about your event.

Choose your menu wisely and ensure that it suits the theme and style of your event. Make sure that there is enough food – you do not want your guests to stop at McDonalds on the way out because they’re still hungry!
If you’re serving alcohol, ensure that the food service is adequate and also make sure that your guests are well hydrated.

Having a fun filled PR Event? Why not consider a grazing table or even a burger station where guests can order their burgers to their liking? Thinking of a different and unique concept will have your guests talking about your event for ages!

9. Styling your Event.
No matter what your budget, or the purpose of your event, make sure your styling creates an impact! Choose the styling elements, colours and designs carefully. Ultimately this needs to suit your brand, your product and the image you would like to portray.

Are you a leading manufacturer in car parts? Maybe floral elements aren’t the best idea at your PR Event. However, if you work within the beauty industry, then this is certainly a necessary element!

10. Get Feedback
It is important to get feedback from your guest. You can record video reviews/interviews from the participants during the course of the event, get feedback on social media or send out an evaluation form after the event for your guests. This information will help track your objectives and will highlight the hits and misses that you need to consider at your next PR event.

Are you a brand or business looking to hold a successful PR event? Hire GD Events today and we will create a bespoke corporate event for you!

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