milestone birthday celebration

Throwing the perfect Milestone Birthday Celebration

Everyone loves attending birthday parties. All the fun vibes make the whole party more electrifying. Whether it’s your birthday, your friend’s birthday or you’re celebrating someone special in your life, we are the event planners here to help you throw a perfect, Instagram-worthy, and fun birthday celebration.

GD Events, are known for being the best luxury event planner in Australia, and our specialty is in creating bespoke events in Sydney. Because we love what we do so much, it wouldn’t be fair not to share some of the tricks of the trade. So, here are some tips to help you throw the perfect milestone birthday celebration:

1. Choose the Date and Venue

Start your planning by deciding when and where the birthday party will take place. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can start working on all of the other elements.

Host a birthday party for a child in the late morning or early afternoon as this is most convenient for families. If you are throwing a party for an adult, then an evening party is probably more appropriate. Also, if you’re planning on getting your guests to let their hair down, then a Friday or Saturday night might be the best day of the week to celebrate. This way, your guests have some recovery time the next day and you also have the time to clean up and nurse those sore feet.

Also depending on your budget, you may prefer to host the event at home, or you may prefer to let someone else do the cleanup, and host the party at a restaurant or venue. Just make sure that there is ample parking and not too far for each of your guests to travel to. Consider venues such as The Grounds of Alexandria or maybe even Miramare Gardens.

2. The Budget

You’ll be surprised at how much a birthday bash can cost. Those little extras can quickly add up and suddenly, you’ve spent more than what you could afford! It’s important to come up with a budget and stick to it. This will help you avoid overspending.

3. The Guest List

Guests are no doubt the life of a party. You want to make a list of all the guests that you want invited to your party, so you won’t forget anyone by the time you are sending out invitations.

Sometimes this can be the biggest challenge, but it’s very important to know who you would like to celebrate with. This will also enable you to determine how much food and drink to be provided, whether you are doing that yourself or having it catered.

4. The Theme

A birthday party theme is a great way to sprinkle your taste and personality into the occasion. Choose a theme that is age-appropriate, for instance, a carnival would be a great theme for a child’s birthday party while a sexy black-and-white affair, for that adult milestone.

Also make sure that all of the elements of your party – including invitations, décor, flowers, cake and props fit within your theme, colour palette and style.

5. Send out the invitations

Once your venue and date are set, and you have a theme as well, its now time send out your birthday party invitations to your guest list.

Your invitations are the sneak peek of what your event will be like, so make sure it also fits within your theme and style. Also don’t forget the important details such as:




Dress Code

RSVP information.

It is best to send out the invitations a few weeks in advance to give people enough time to plan for it.

As the host, you may also need to follow up with the guests who haven’t RSVP’d a few days prior to the event.

6. The Menu

It is important to plan for enough food and drinks to cater for all the guests, depending on the length of the party. Ideally, a two-hour-long party might only require refreshments and a dessert table or even the favourite a lolly buffet, while a longer party will need more of a meal, and snacks can be nibbled before dinner is served.

Before the food is prepared, know whether any of your guests have food allergies so you can have the right provisions for them. Remember that no party is complete without a cake; so, choose one to star the party.

You may need some help with making the food so consider reaching out to a well-known event planner or someone who can assist with the catering services. Hiring someone to look after this will really take most of the planning stress.

7. Style your event

It’s a milestone birthday so you’ll most likely need to hire a professional Event Planner or stylist. If you’re looking for a style that is more unique and suits your personality, you may need to hire a planner who specializes in bespoke events

The sky (and your budget) is the limit on how far you will go, however there are some necessary elements to consider:

Choose your Colour Pallet:  What are the colours that you or the birthday girl/boy love the most. Also make sure that these colours suit the femininity or masculinity of your theme. These colours will determine what you do next.

Flowers or balloons: Depending on your theme, flowers may be more suited as opposed to balloons. If you opt for flowers, you may need to hire a florist to help you create some magic.

Linen and Tableware: If you’ve opted for a sit-down dinner, you may choose to add that special touch of hiring out some luxury tableware. This will truly transform any event to something unique, beautiful, and luxurious.

Stationery:  Take it that step further and have some custom-made stationery items such as menus, place cards and a guest seating plan to really accentuate your event and transform it to something more bespoke.

The Cake: This is the statement piece of your event. It should truly represent the theme and style, but also be delicious in flavour. Make sure that your cake is big enough to feed all of your guests and that you choose flavours that are loved by most.

8. The Entertainment

Choose the entertainment that will create the party vibe you’re after. Whether it’s a band, a DJ, or maybe just a Spotify playlist – this is your chance to create beautiful memories with your nearest and dearest.

9. The Bonbonnieres

Providing your party guests with party favors to take home is a great way to thank your guests for showing up and being part of the party. Thus, they will remember your party even afterward. For instance, a luxury scented candle from GD Candles  or a personised chocolate gift which can double up as a place card.

A perfect birthday celebration needs to suit the style and personality of the birthday guest of honour. Be creative and consider hiring some help so that you can create the celebration that you and your guests will still be talking about in years to come. Also, don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Be it a simple birthday celebration or a show-stopping event, we are the event company in Sydney which are here to work with you in creating magic. At GD Events, we can provide you with the best luxury event experience!