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Valentine’s Day Weddings: Romantic or Just Plain Corny?

Valentine’s Day is extremely popular for weddings. Some however might find it corny to get married on this day, but we find it very romantic actually. After all, Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love to your partner, and what better way to do so than saying ’I do” on this most romantic day of the year?

More so, when Valentine’s Day is your anniversary, it’s like the whole world is celebrating with you!

Do not be worried that your wedding might be cheesy because with proper wedding planning and management, you can make the day extra-special for the both of you. We are GD Events, and as luxury event planners in Sydney, we are here to prove to you that Valentine’s Day weddings are still chic and romantic!

5 Tips for a Truly-Inspiring Valentine’s Day Wedding

  1. Decide on the Venue in Advance

At GD Events, we recommend to our clients that whether they are looking to have a destination wedding, or a local wedding, they must book the venue really early, way before the D-day. 

Because of the popularity of weddings on Valentine’s Day, many wedding venues are more expensive for February weddings. Catering services, flowers, and other wedding-related expenses can also be higher for a Valentine wedding. 

Brides Tip…

Set your wedding budget early to stay on top of the curve and stick to it. You also want to include an extra cushioning cost for any arising urges.  

  1. Pick a Theme

The classic colors for Valentine’s Day include red, pink and white. And it’s okay to incorporate these colors into your style, fashion, menu and more. 

However, you want to avoid going overboard with common decorations for your Valentine’s wedding theme to ensure nothing looks cliché, and your wedding looks as unique, and beautiful as the love you share. 

To spice the colors up, consider different hues and shades. You should also accent your wedding palette with metallic tones for more elegance. 

With the theme in mind, the décor, dressing, invitations, wedding programs, menus and place cards can then be chosen.

  1. Dress the Part!

The wedding attire should definitely reflect the romance of the occasion. The bride’s gown should be elaborate, and the classic chiffon and lace are such popular fabrics you can go for. Also, silk which makes for the most regal and elegant bride’s dresses. 

Keep the jewelry and accessories minimal yet so elegant. Pearl stud earrings, a charming bracelet and a glittering metallic clutch will add the perfect pop of sparkle to your ensemble. 

Pink and red can also be incorporated into the bouquet and used for the bridesmaids’ dresses, possibly in desired color variations.

The classic tuxedo should be worn by the groom and his groomsmen to highlight the romance of Valentine’s Day, perhaps with complimentary colors for a unified palette. 

  1. Decorate the Setting with Love

Proper decor choices will enhance your venue and bring out the theme of your wedding. It can seem like a never-ending task, and if it sounds overwhelming, you can hire a professional event planner (like us) to ensure that the setting is perfectly decorated.

For a luxury event, create a romantic ambiance with fairy lights hung from the ceilings of your reception space, and add decorated drapery with curtain tiebacks for a stunning entrance to the reception.

Table centerpieces can also not be overlooked. You want the guests to mingle at the reception, so towering arrangements can be distracting. Instead, keep them minimal and simple, ensuring they complement your theme colors. Think delicate vases, floral clusters, candles and table runners. 

Brides Tip…

Creative lighting can create a really welcoming visual aesthetic that will transform your wedding venue. As luxury event planners, we love incorporating luminating lights through trees in an outdoor setup, or choose to add fairy lights, along with votive candles, neon signs or floating candles. 

Remember to consult your venue contract first to see if there are any guidelines about what you can supply for the décor even before you start buying and renting wedding reception decorations.

  1. Let the Cake Shine!

A Valentine’s wedding cake serves as a focal point at the reception and many celebrations include the ceremonial cutting of the cake. 

You want it rich, elegant and themed for a luxurious wedding event. Heart-shaped cakes are a good place to start, or may be decorated with rose details. Dark chocolate with strawberry fillings, white chocolate, and red velvet are popular cake choices. 

Brides Tip…

Consider your guests as well by including a romance-themed wedding menu. Rich gourmet entrees, a lolly stations and the adding that special touch to your dessert menu, like chocolate-covered strawberries are popular choices. Pink champagne is also a romantic essential for a toast!

  1. Get Good Music

At a Valentine’s Day wedding, keep the music romantic by choosing only love songs to play during your reception. This will complete the day for you!

Feeling inspired to have your wedding on Valentine’s Day? Hire a professional like GD Events, one of the best luxury event planners in Australia who will help support you and make your vision for the day less stressful. We will create a bespoke wedding event for you!